Value Added

Project Tools

The degree of our success is measurable in the pride of project teams, and our clients’ ongoing preference in Buttcon’s approach for their projects.

Buttcon’s key factors for increased project success, in delivering complex projects on time and on budget, include; effective communication, experienced leadership and innovative strategies.

Quick Resolution Process (QRP)

The QRP is a partnered process that ensures the timely resolution of issues that are not addressed by standard project methodology. The QRP is a vehicle meant to augment and compliment current project management practices with respect to accelerating issue resolution and the decision-making processes.

Buttcon’s business philosophy and project management approach incorporates partnering principles. Its a way of conducting a project that respects the ideas and concerns of all project stakeholders. Buttcon takes pride in knowing that we were the first contractor to formally utilize Partnering in Ontario.

Commissioning, Activation and Transfer (CAT)

Buttcon’s foremost concerns on every project are safety, quality and client satisfaction. Our comprehensive CAT program is implemented at project start-up, identifying scheduled activities and milestones throughout the project’s duration. This ensures an orderly and timely project closeout for all stakeholders and verifies the building has been constructed, commissioned, activated and transferred according to original expectations set forth in the contract, project plans and specifications. CAT is our final measure of a project’s quality and compliance with the contract.

Triple A Scheduling

The Triple A scheduling program is used to promote Accuracy, Awareness and Accountability. It ensures that the Project Team is committed to a schedule and that it is followed. Buttcon uses Microsoft Project and Primavera software to create an accurate critical path schedule including all critical milestone dates. The project schedule is made part of the subtrade contracts to achieve accountability and by in from the trade contractors. The schedule is posted in an area of high visibility on site for all project stakeholders to see, promoting awareness. Weekly site meetings include two-week look ahead schedules and review of all critical milestone dates to keep schedule in focus. Schedule issues are second only to safety during these meetings. All schedule issues are resolved by the team using our QRP and CAT programs. These programs together with Triple A are important value-added tools with a proven track record of maintaining the schedule and providing current information to the project team.

e-Builder (Project Management Software)

e-Builder Enterprise is an integrated real-time computer based project management and collaboration system for project teams managing the design and construction of their facilities. The system is designed to address the needs of project teams managing complex projects from the planning phase through construction, commissioning and transfer. e-Builder connects all of the internal and external stakeholders to efficiently manage documents, schedule and communications across all project team members.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM is both the creation of a set of digital models, of a planned or built environment, and the process of working collaboratively, with these models, during the lifecycle of a project. BIM provides a vision of the project to stakeholders demonstrating the design, construction, and management of a structure. BIM allows for integrated co-ordination of all building systems with architecture and structural elements. This co-ordination takes place within the computer avoiding costly co-ordination of construction details in the field. A key component of the BIM process is to enhance collaboration and communication among all parties throughout the duration of the project, and to facilitate information sharing. This system is most commonly put into place during the design stage and progressing into the construction stage of a project.