TTC Wilson North Carhouse Expansion

Wilson Carhouse North Expansion (presently under construction) The scope of work for the Carhouse North Expansion includes the new construction of a 59,000 square foot expansion to the existing Wilson Carhouse facility. TTC requires the services of Buttcon to provide all labour, products, equipment and services necessary to extend the Wilson Carhouse to accommodate 500’ long trains north of the cross-aisle.

The work includes, but is not limited to, the construction of the north expansion building addition and building services within, reconfiguration of the blow-down system on tracks 13 and 14, supply and installation of a new 6 car hoist on track 7, removal of existing and supply new traction power pendant supply system in existing carhouse north of the cross-aisle, extend new traction power pendant supply system into new north expansion, electrical and signal duct bank re-routing and construction of cable chamber rooms.

Wilson Complex – Wheel Lathe (2012 – 2014) A part of the Wilson Carhouse expansion project is the Wheel Lathe project. The scope of work consists of modifications to the Wilson Carhouse to facilitate the supply and installation of a tandem underfloor wheel lathe on track 11, north of the centre aisle. The work includes, but is not limited to structural, mechanical and electrical demolition in the vicinity of the wheel lathe; structural, mechanical and electrical modification of the Carhouse to accommodate the new wheel lathe; supply installation and commissioning of the wheel lathe; and maintenance and operational training. Buttcon was also responsible to prepare the site for safe construction which included the removal and disposal of designated substances and hazardous materials.

Wilson Carhouse Renovations – Rocket Vehicles (2012 – 2013) This project consisted of architectural, civil, structural, and mechanical alterations to the Wilson Yard Carhouse to facilitate the new Toronto Rocket vehicles and the new North Expansion.

The scope of work included but it not limited to exterior and interior demolition, installation of new exterior storm sewers, replacement of sump pumps, structural alterations to exterior storm chambers, fabrication and installation of new structural steel platforms inside the garage required to access the cabin doors of the new Toronto Rocket vehicles, fabrication and installation of fall protection barriers and addition of railing gates around the existing HVAC openings on the mezzanine above tracks 7 and 8, welding of railings to the mezzanine structure, and various mechanical and electrical alterations. All personnel working on this project were to be Toronto Transit Commission track trained prior to commencing any work on site.