Sault Ste. Marie Casino

Owner: Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

Consultant: Reich + Petch Architects Inc.

Location: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Delivery Method: Construction Management

Value: $ 32M

Description: This single floor casino was constructed adjacent to a major US boarder crossing and was designed as an interim facility. Buttcon was selected for this project as a result of our casino experience and our ability to meet an aggressive schedule. Buttcon worked closely with the Design Team to build the casino with a combination of a sprung structure and hard construction.  This project was completed and operational in only 4 months.  With over 80,000 square feet, this wilderness theme casino contained gaming areas, restaurants, entertainment facilities and secure BOH areas. Buttcon utilized local subcontractors and artisans, which helped to deliver this project on a fast track schedule on time and within the owner’s budget.