Buttcon Limited’s Response to COVID-19

Buttcon Limited is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for their employees and business partners.  The circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 virus continue to evolve and change.

Buttcon Limited will continue to follow the advice of federal, provincial and municipal health authorities.  As such, we have introduced protocols to address situations in relation to Covid-19.  Our plans will be reviewed, updated and distributed as required.

Our objective is to ensure business continuity, minimize impacts on our projects, continue to serve our clients and to protect the health, safety and well-being of our employees and subcontract workers who remain on the front lines.  Protecting them is our priority.

We continue to maintain active operations while following public health guidelines and will keep open communication with our staff and business partners during these times.


All personnel visiting any of our offices or construction projects will be required to participate in active Covid-19 screening.

Protective Measures

All personnel are required to practice the following on any of our projects or in our offices:

  • physical distancing
  • wear a face covering in all common/shared areas
  • maintain good hand hygiene
  • limit in person meetings (utilize video meetings and alternate methods of communication)
  • no handshake policy
  • follow any directional arrows/postings
  • avoid touching one’s nose, eyes or mouth
  • do not come to any Buttcon Limited office or project if displaying cold or flu-like symptoms
  • limit public transit
  • stagger breaks and lunch
  • respect and follow all public health recommendations

Visitor Policy

 To support our efforts, Buttcon Limited will not permit any unannounced visitor or non-essential personnel access to any of our construction projects or offices.

To access any of projects, coordination will need to be made in advance with the Project Superintendent or a Buttcon Limited direct employee.


Buttcon Limited is taking a proactive approach to providing additional cleaning of all common area high touch surfaces.

Information and Updates

Updates about Covid-19 are frequently issued by Public Health Canada, The Province of Ontario, The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).





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